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Which industrial design firms are growing?

Industrial design is an area of specialization that is growing rapidly.

A lot of the companies that are doing this are based in the U.S. and Canada.

In the U.

“The industry is a $1.9 trillion market with more than 300,000 businesses.

Its members include more than 40 of the world’s biggest companies.

According to the American Institute of Architects, industrial design accounted for 25 percent of the global market for office space in 2013.

It also accounted for 15 percent of U.K. office space, 15 percent in France and 10 percent in Spain.

 The American Institute for Architects says industrial design is the most-practiced and fastest-growing area of design.

The firm, which provides the research and consulting to architects, has been ranking top-performing firms in the sector for years.

As it grew, it began to offer its services to companies on a global scale, she said. “

The industry has been in the ascendant for years, but the U.-S.-Canada relationship has been very dynamic and has been able to grow exponentially,” said Sarah Gertz, the company’s executive vice president.

As it grew, it began to offer its services to companies on a global scale, she said.

The company’s offices are now in offices around the world, including in Hong Kong, Dubai, the U, China, India, and the U-K.

In the U., there is a significant concentration of manufacturing companies in cities like New York and San Francisco.

These companies are a major component of the city’s economy, according to the UBS Global City Index.

Industrial design is also growing in other countries, according the International Council on Design, an industry-focused think tank.

This year, the ICD, which represents more than 1,000 leading design and architecture companies, is expecting to release its annual report, which will include data from 2015.

The ICD says industrial designers are increasingly involved in manufacturing and transportation, healthcare, and other industries.

While industrial design represents a new sector, it is growing faster than other fields such as engineering, which saw its number of businesses shrink by about 5 percent.

For example, the industry grew by about 11 percent last year, according UBS, a firm that has long tracked the industry.

However, the majority of the growth came from the emerging markets, with the U and the Netherlands both accounting for more than a third of industrial design jobs.

According to UBS’ data, the Netherlands has seen an increase in industrial design employment over the last five years.

And, in 2016, the country was the second-largest market for industrial design, according International Council.

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