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‘Taste’ is the new ‘taste’ for the web

An excerpt from the New York Times article “The world’s first taste test for web design was invented in the 1960s and it has changed a lot in the past two decades,” says Tim Berners-Lee, the man behind the Web Standards Initiative.

“It’s been the one thing that I think is going to make the web the best place on earth.”

In the early 2000s, Web standards came to a virtual standstill.

The idea was to make sure the web was interoperable with other platforms like phones and other digital devices.

But then Google launched its own “Internet of Things” and standards got thrown out the window.

And now, more than five years later, standards are back in the spotlight.

That’s because the tech industry is finally looking to bring the best of Web design, CSS and JavaScript to the web.

That’s where Taste of Things comes in.

Berners-Leaves-Lee is a longtime champion of Web standards, having been part of the design team behind WebKit, the predecessor to the modern web.

“Web standards are so important because they have made the web much more secure,” he says.

“They have given the web more powerful tools for controlling how people access the web.”

So what does Taste of Ideas do?

Tastes are a collection of icons, typography, colors and other styling that can be used to help make websites stand out from the rest of the Web.

You can use them to tell a website apart from a standard website, to tell you which version of a website is the most popular, or to customize your own website.

Taste of Things makes its first public appearance at the World Wide Web Consortium conference in San Francisco next week.

The Web’s most important standards are coming back to life.

Bernays-Leuesse has been involved with the Web since 1999.

He says that Web standards have evolved and evolved and evolve.

“What is important to remember is that the Web’s been in existence for almost two decades now,” he tells Quartz.

“I think there’s a lot of innovation going on.”

The biggest changes to the Web are not coming from developers but from the technology behind the web itself.

“The web is so interconnected, the web has changed so much,” Berners

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