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Magento web designer shares ‘a big fat surprise’ on how her company works

An article published today on Ars Technic’s sister site, DesignAdvice, by Magento Web Designer shares “a big ol’ surprise”: The company behind the popular Magento platform is planning to make its new website a full-fledged WordPress platform.

The news comes as Magento’s developer team has recently begun working on the new site’s redesign.

“We are moving into full-blown WordPress development, and the design and functionality of the website will be fully-fledged as soon as we’re ready,” Magento developers Mike Hickey and Joe Dickel told Ars.

“The changes will be much bigger than the changes we had in the past and will be consistent across the whole site, including theme, sidebar, etc.”

The team behind Magento also says the site’s new look will include an “unlikeable” new icon that will not be present in its existing Magento app.

“If you’re not familiar with the concept of the icon, you can check out this video tutorial,” the team wrote.

“For a quick visual refresher, we want the icon to stand out on the home page.

That means it should be more readable than other icons in the app.

The new Magento website’s design will be inspired by WordPress’ “theme-based” architecture, which allows the developer to add a few elements of their own design to the site. “

Instead, we’ll call it the ‘app icon’ and will make it clear that you’ll need to enable the icon in the Magento Settings.”

The new Magento website’s design will be inspired by WordPress’ “theme-based” architecture, which allows the developer to add a few elements of their own design to the site.

“This means the user will be able to add custom widgets, menus, and a lot more,” the Magentos developers wrote.

The new design also includes a redesign of the Maguire theme, which will include the familiar “magento” logo.

The Magento team added that the theme “will be much larger than Magento 1.x, with more customization options to make it your own.”

Magento 2.0 has not yet launched, but the team has said that the next version will “bring an entirely new experience to the Mago store.”

The website’s new logo has also been revamped.

“Our theme is a bit different, but it’s very much the same,” the website’s developers wrote in a blog post.

“In addition to the theme, we’re planning to offer a brand new theme called ‘magento-inspired’ and a completely new sidebar design, which is coming very soon.”

The blog post goes on to note that Magento will be making the new website “as modular as possible,” adding that it will be open source and open for public use.

Magento 3.0 will also not be launched, and it will not offer any major redesigns to its existing site.

However, the Magrets developers added that it is “likely” that the new Magento website will include “a huge variety of features” including “a new front page, new sidebar, and new menu.”

The Magentomos team added: “We’re going to continue working on this project, but I can’t talk about the details yet.

But I can tell you that we will definitely be releasing an alpha version of the new theme very soon.

That alpha version will be the final product, and I can promise you that it’ll be very different than the existing Magentome website.

The Alpha version of our Magento theme will be very customizable.

I’m very excited about it!”

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