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‘Easter egg’ in Tulsa police chief’s story of being assaulted

A Tulsa police officer’s account of being beaten by a man at a Tulsa park was posted online on Thursday, prompting a search for an Easter egg that would make the officer’s story more believable.

The Tulsa Police Department is investigating the April 12 beating of Tulsa police Sgt. Christopher Smith by 33-year-old Kevin Scott, who was charged with second-degree assault.

Tulsa Police Chief Todd Schmitz has said that the officer was assaulted while he was walking to his car with another officer and a bystander to protect a park volunteer.

The officer said that he was trying to help another officer when he was assaulted.

The officer has said he has been hospitalized for pain in his left knee and that he has PTSD and anxiety.

He said he was not suicidal and has no history of mental illness.

On Friday, the Tulsa Police Chief’s office released a video of the assault.

In the video, SchmitZ tells the officer to step out of the patrol car and that they can get help if he does not stop and stop resisting.

The video shows the officer walking away from the vehicle.

At one point, he says that he is being “taken advantage of” and “grabbed by the arms.”

Schmitz said he had been in the area for three weeks, and he is “not taking it lightly.”

“It is a shock to us that this could happen to a law enforcement officer,” Schmitze said.

He said the officers in the video have a history of “serious abuse,” and he said they are being disciplined.

“I have heard reports of abuse in the department, and I think that’s where we have to take the issue of abuse from,” Schmetz said.

Todays release of the video has led to a search of the Tulsa police department’s website for “Easter Egg” and the Tulsa PD’s “Escape Room” where the officers can leave their messages.

The search turned up more than 4,000 postings.

One posting reads, “This is a picture of my friend’s girlfriend.

I know what she looks like, and that’s why I want to protect her.”

Another reads, “[The police officer] has the perfect excuse.

She is my best friend.

I love her.

She doesn’t want to be alone anymore.”

Another says, “The officer needs to step back from her and she needs to be protected.”

A third post reads, “‘Easter Eggs’ are always a fun part of Halloween and I hope you have a nice day.

The police are going to need them.”

A fourth post reads: “If you see a police officer, give them a hug.

It’s the only way they’ll stop the beating.

Do not let them hurt you.”

Tulsahans chief posted on Twitter that he had seen the video.

He also tweeted that Schmitzes staff had been investigating the matter and had determined that the incident was not an isolated incident.

Schmitzes spokesperson, Terence M. Johnson, said he didn’t have further information on the case.

Tulahans police chief posted a message on Twitter on Friday morning that he knew the video was disturbing.

“The Tulsa PD has received a tip from the community, and our investigation is ongoing,” the chief wrote.

“This investigation is still in progress and we cannot comment on specific cases.”

Schmetz has asked Tulsa police to release a video showing the officer being assaulted and he has asked the department to release details of any disciplinary action taken.

A person can post an Easter Egg to help solve a mystery, and it can be worth up to $20.

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