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Web designer says he is working on new ad for social media platform Facebook

A web designer has gone public with his plans to launch a new ad campaign on Facebook, but has yet to get a nod from the social network.

In a video interview with The Hindu, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, a Mumbai-based web designer and the founder of a new startup called Kunal Group, said he was working on a campaign for Facebook that would be used to boost sales on the social media company’s mobile app.

The ad would also showcase Kunal’s brand.

“The ads are a very big challenge for us.

I am working on it but it is a little bit early for us,” he said.

The video also showed Gupta discussing his plans for a Facebook ad campaign.

“We have launched the campaign on the Facebook app and we will be launching a mobile ad campaign, which will also be a part of the campaign.

We are trying to launch the campaign for all our customers and also to get their feedback,” he told the newspaper.

Kumar Gupta says he has been working on the campaign since January and it is “a big challenge” for the firm to launch ad campaigns on social media.

But Gupta said the company had not asked him to do anything.

“We did not ask him to start a new campaign.

The company did not request that he go ahead with any campaign.

And we are working on building up a team.

But if there is any demand from the company, we will consider it,” he added.

Facebook did not respond to requests for comment.

Kunal Group has already launched a Facebook campaign for the first time.

Gupta said he did not know why he was asked to launch an ad campaign that would target only Facebook users.

“I have not seen a lot of queries from Facebook, so it was a no-brainer.

It is a very small business.

We have not been asked to do this, but I am still working on developing the campaign,” he stated.

Kerala-based Kunal has already made two ad campaigns for Facebook.

A video campaign for Kunal was launched in November 2014.

The other ad campaign for its mobile app was launched last month.

Gupta, however, said there were still many details to work out.

“There are more than 10 ads we are making and they are still in the design stage.

We need to get all the details.

The final ad will be ready in three months,” he pointed out.

Gupta added that the company was working with various advertising agencies in the country.

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