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Lubbock – Lubbocks website to feature digital branding

Lubbocans website to make use of Adobe Photoshop and other digital tools in the coming months.

The new Lubbos website will feature a mix of digital and print assets, with the new design using Adobe Photoshop.

It will be up and running on March 2, 2019.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” said Lubboo-based website designer Ben Smith.

“The digital stuff is coming along well.

It’s good to be able to make our website look the way it does and the way that it’s supposed to look.”

Smith said the design team were inspired by the likes of Google and Facebook.

“We had the same idea of using the Adobe Creative Cloud and making it a little more interactive and more fun,” he said.

“So we took the Photoshop and made it a bit more interactive.”

There are a few things that are coming along really well.

“People will be able really to use the fonts that we use and the fonts are being designed in Adobe Illustrator, so we can use that to make their own designs, so it will look a little bit like a web site and a little less like a Facebook page.”

They’re going to be using the same fonts that Facebook has, so that’s a really big benefit.””

You’ll be able go into the web site, type in a question and then the web designer will go into their design software and then they’ll have the final designs.””

They’ve got all the fonts in the same font pack and it’s all very different.”

You’ll be able go into the web site, type in a question and then the web designer will go into their design software and then they’ll have the final designs.

“That’s a big advantage for the business. 

There’s also a whole host of other benefits for businesses.”

With a little of the design, it will be more engaging for business owners to have a look at the designs, to see what we’ve done.” 

There will be no changes to the existing logo design.

Smith said digital branding was a new and exciting area for the city.”

Lubbock has always been a digital city, we’ve always been able to use digital, but it’s been really difficult to get the right branding,” he added.”

I think this is the best way for Lubbuckians to see it.

“Lubbocks digital branding team are planning to have their digital assets up and working by the end of the year.

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