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Parallax is getting a redesign of its web design website

Ars Technic article Parallact is the company behind a popular desktop and laptop web design application.

It has raised more than $10 million in venture funding, which will be used to hire more developers and develop a new web design framework called Parallactic.

But the company’s website still looks a lot like the old one, with a lot of the same elements.

The new design has been designed to improve user experience and make the application more responsive to mobile devices, as well as reduce the need for a desktop version.

The company says it plans to release its new web site in mid-September.

Parallac is a company that focuses on mobile and desktop web design.

The old website is not updated much, so there is not much to compare it to, said CEO Matt Bostock.

The site is still optimized for use on mobile devices.

“If you go to Parallaca, you see a lot less things in terms of colors, more lines,” Bostocks said.

“That was just really to get rid of the old website and do a brand new website that’s more responsive.” has some new and different elements as well.

Instead of the usual flat white background, it now has a solid black background with a light blue border.

It is also much smaller.

The parallax effect is a common feature in parallactic designs, which also happens to be the color scheme for Parallatic.

It works by taking the background color of the page and adding the parallac effect to it, which creates a dark and light color.

Paralax can be applied to any part of a website, including the header and footer.

“We want to make it as seamless as possible to use as many people as possible,” Bosso said.

Bostlocks vision for Paralact is that the company will use the money raised in its funding round to invest in a better design, hire more people, and continue to develop the app.

“The new design is going to be better, more responsive, more user-friendly,” BOSSO said.

The team is planning to make Parallatac’s mobile app a top priority, and he wants the app to be available for desktop and tablet devices by the end of 2018.

The Parallacs website will still be available to use on both desktop and mobile devices for free.

BOSso said Parallaci is also going to use some of the money it raised to develop a more stable web interface.

Bossov also said he is planning on getting a new logo and brand identity.

“When we’re working on a new website, we’re going to take it in a new direction,” he said.

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