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Meet the ‘Bridget Jones’ of online marketing: ‘It was an amazing experience’

A woman from South Carolina who spent $1,500 in a year to promote herself on social media to clients has come up with a great way to help her clients reach their goals.

 Bridgit Jones posted a YouTube video with a message for her clients, including one who is struggling with the flu.

“We were able to see a lot of progress in her life,” Jones said.

She posted the video to Facebook in August.

“I wanted to share what I learned and give her a roadmap to help me get the job done,” Jones wrote.

In January, Jones received a call from a woman who wanted to talk about her struggle.

Jones, who has since moved on, decided to help.

When she asked if she could help her, the woman said, “I know you are going through a tough time and that you need someone to share that you have a lot going on.

I have never experienced anything like this.”

She asked Jones if she would help her.

I have never felt this empowered, Jones said in the video.

The woman asked if there was anything she could do for Jones, Jones told her.

I was thinking that we can help her right now.

At first, Jones thought about it for a few minutes, then gave up and took the call.

Bridgot Jones: It was an awesome experience “It was a few days after we took the phone call and the woman didn’t have any money, and she just kind of kept on going and said, ‘I have this big, fat book you need to read,'” Jones said, adding that the woman’s voice was so soft it sounded like a child playing.

It’s been four months since Jones took the woman on the road, and Jones says she has been able to get to know her and her family better.

Now that she’s seeing Jones as a friend and as someone who cares about her, Jones says her life is “a lot easier.”

She is also working on getting the book out of the house.

So I hope you’re on the right path and that I will help you.” “

I am going to give you some pointers so that you can reach your goals.

So I hope you’re on the right path and that I will help you.”

Jones said she plans to make her website and blog her journey, and plans to share more of her story.

Here’s hoping Jones has a better future than what she’s going through now.

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